Research And Development

Research And Development


ERA has established and maintains procedures ensuring that our design activities are controlled, verified and meet specified requirements. The development process used is key in meeting customer expectations and maintaining a leadership position in design innovation and product quality. Project teams are responsible for ensuring that design output requirements are documented and verified against input requirements. The main documents are;

  • Specifications
  • Test procedures
  • Schematic diagrams
  • Parts lists
  • PCB design drawings
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Other necessary documents


  • Easy PC PCB Designing
  • AutoCAD 2D Designing
  • Unigraphics 3D Designing
  • Plastic Parts Modeling (Fast Prototypes)
  • Metal Parts Prototypes
  • Electronic Laboratory Tests Equipment
  • Optical Chromaticity measuring Equipment
  • Light Level and Chromaticity Measuring
  • Micro-Controller Programming
  • LCD Designing
  • Fast PCB Prototype Machine
  • Coils & Transformers Designing & Production
  • Collaboration with Universities



Micro controller Programming Development Capability
  • Intelligent fuzzy, PID, Hysteresis Control Algorithms
  • Display Driving, Temperature Control, Dimming, Clock, Timer, Logical Controls, PWM
  • CAN BUS, LIN BUS, I2C, UART network system development
Micro controller Programming Development Sets
  • INTEL MCS 51 Family
  • ATMEL AT89-AVR (Advanced Risk) Family
  • MICROCHIP PIC16 and PIC18 Family
  • PHILIPS LPC and ARM Family
  • CYPRESS PSoC Family
  • NEC Family



  1. Components reliability and failure analysis for all new product designs
  2. Design FMEA based on components reliability and failure analysis
  3. R&D Super Control Tests

  • Functional & Specification Tests
  • ERA Specifications Tests
  • ISO 16750 Tests
  • EMC Tests
  • Life Tests




  • Prof. Tahsin Saya 
  • 3 Electronic Engineer
  • 1 Mechanical Engineer
  • 1 Electronic Technician

Research And Development