Automotive Products

  • Flourescent Lighting Products

    Flourescent Lighting Products

     - EFS1 Series Fittings
     - EFC1 Series Fittings
     - EFC2 Series Fittings
     - EFA2 Series Fittings
     - PPB Electronic Ballasts
     - CLS Series Continuous Lighting Systems

  • LED Lighting Products

    LED Lighting Products

     - LSM2 Series LED Strip Modules
     - LSM3 Series LED Strip Modules
     - LSM4 Series LED Strip Modules
     - LSF2 Series LED Lighting Fittings
     - LSF3 Series LED Lighting Fittings
     - LSF5 Series LED Lighting Fittings
     - BAL, BSL Aisle & Step LED Lights
     - Continuous LED Lighting Systems
     - LD Series LED Spots Lights

  • Passenger Information Systems

    Passenger Information Systems

     - DBC-401 & BTC-101 Digital LED Clocks
     - DBC-601 Digital LED Clocks with RTC, GPS, CAN-BUS, Stop and Thermometer
     - BSU-601 & BSU-602 Series Bus Sign Units
     - CSU Series CAN-BUS Information Units
     - BIS Series Bus Information Units with clock, temperature, WC, FSB, Multilanguage STOP, GPS and CAN-BUS

  • Other Automotive Products

    Other Automotive Products

     - CON-201.B 24V/12VDC SMPS LED drivers (Converters)
     - CBA-124 Series Vehicle Back-up Alarms
     - DSU Series Analog Destination Sign Units
     - EBT-302 Series Bus Intercom
     - LL Series LED Reading Lamps
     - DCU-101 Remote Door Control Unit