Ethical Policy


This guide has been prepared by basing international standards, specified in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and set forth in the congresses of International Labour Organization

ERA ELEKTRONIK Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. and group companies are aiming to be a symbol for reliability, sustainability and respectability, in national and global aspect, for our customers, shareholders, employees, supply chain, authorized distributors - in short, for all our stakeholders – through our opinion, taking the customer satisfaction into account providing products and services of universal quality and standards, contributing to economic and social development, and through our point of view of believing that being scientific is the only possible way and develops with virtuousness, and technology with productivity, and innovativeness with creativity, and that information and electronic technologies is one of the most important technologies for the development, freedom and happiness of mankind (through our vision).

These rules cover all shareholders, members of the board, managers, directors, consultants and employees. We target high ethical and environmental standards both within our organization and in our supply chain. We expect all our suppliers to comply with our code of ethics and to raise their supply chains to the same high standards.

ERA ELEKTRONIK Group, based on Omer Citci's, the founder of ERA ELEKTRONIK is obliged to , follow the below principles:

  • Customer satisfaction is our basic principle,
  • Continuos improvement to be the best,
  • Adopting that our most important asset is our employees,
  • Create resources for continous improvement and development,
  • Aiming to contribute to the national economy where we take our power,
  • Superior work ethics and honest works

are aiming to provide guidance to its employees, to those acting on behalf of the ERA ELEKTRONIK Group, to members of the board of directors, managers, directors, consultants and employees in their decisions and behaviours in the performance of their duties through this code of ethics.

The employees of our group are expected to exhibit attitudes and behaviours that will ensure the cultural integrity of our group. Furthermore, all employees are expected to protect and improve the respectability of the ERA ELEKTRONIK name and brand, and reliability of the corporate structure of ERA ELEKTRONIK Group, and to adopt global ethical and ethical values.

All employees employed within the ERA ELEKTRONIK group, including temporary employees, are obliged to comply with this Code of Ethical Conduct. All business partners are expected to comply with the Code of Ethics and the Code of Practice supporting these rules.

It is among the primary duties and responsibilities of middle and senior executives working in ERA ELEKTRONIK Group to communicate the Code of Ethics to all employees, to ensure that employees give the necessary importance to those rules, and to show the necessary effort and leadership to comply with the Code of Ethics. In the event of determining that the Code of Ethics is not complied with, by our stakeholders or employees, they can report this case to the Ethics Committee via the Ethics Complaints menu on our website.

It is the responsibility of the Company Human Resources Department to certify and document that the latest version of the Code of Ethics and Practice Principles Documents is read, understood and committed to implementation by all employees.

ERA ELEKTRONIK Sanayi ve Ticaret A S.

As ERA ELEKTRONIK Group, we declare that we will act within the framework of our basic ethical values in ethical behaviour practices when faced with situations not written in this document. In case of any doubt, it is essential that the opinion of the Company Ethics Committee be received.

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