Job Vacancies


• Graduated from Electrical-Electronics, Electronics-Communication faculties of universities,

• Good level basic knowledge of General Physics, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Computers, Embedded Software’s,

• Electronic circuit design and printed circuit design,

• Embedded Microcontroller programs development,

• Can use AutoCAD at a good level,

• R&D projects capability and designing new electronic products,

• Capability of customers’ offer and application projects,

• Very good English knowledge,

• Other foreign languages ​​are preferred like German, Spanish, French, Italian etc.

• Should use MS Office applications efficiently,

• The ability to support team Works and build good human relationships,

• Male candidates should have completed military service,

• No domestic or international travel restrictions.



• Develop and design new electronic product projects,

• Develop embedded micro-controller’s programs for new electronic products,

• To carry out engineering studies in R&D, Quality, Production and Customer Projects,

• To apply or assist quality tests,

• To participate in the Quality and Management System studies,

• To make offer projects and customer application projects,

• To carry out necessary engineering studies to develop the production techniques,

• Analysing customer claims and solving problems,

• Performing or conducting quality tests of the parts and components from suppliers,

• Follow and use new technologies for components, parts and production techniques,

• Making benchmarking evaluations with competitor products and making proposals for product development,

• Conducting R&D department works and carrying out other complementary engineering, quality and management studies.

ERA Elektronik  A.Ş.
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  • Telephone : +90 216 466 88 07
  • Fax : +90 216 415 35 74
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