Job Vacancies


• Bachelors degree in related engineering faculties,

• At least 2 years of experience as Sales Engineer,

• Fluent English (Preffered languages German, Spanish or French)

• Able to use MS Office applications efficiently,

• Good communication skills,

• Ability to explore new markets,

• Preferred knowledge of Electronic or Automotive Industry,

• Preferred experience project management,

• No restriction to travel,

• Military service should be completed for male candidates,

• Preferable residing near Anatolian side.


• Identifies current and future customer business needs and requirements by establishing personal report with potential and actual customers,

• Conducts regular meetings with R&D and QA team to ensure product updates are communicated internally and samples, demo systems are updated,

• Consults with prospects and customers to determine strategy for developing and deploying a Learning Management System,

• Gains the customer and prospects’ confidence to such a degree that they see you as the solution expert,

• Presents and articulates advanced product features and benefits, as well as product future direction,

• Assists in creating and maintaining sales playbooks and positioning for new and existing products in partnership with Sales and Marketing Leadership,

• Gains customer acceptance by determining improvements through analyzing cost-benefit ratios of solutions in customer environment; engineering or proposing changes in business processes,

• Helps to develop customer's staff by providing technical information and training,

• Complies with federal, state, and local legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation; anticipating future legislation; advising customer on product, service, or equipment adherence to requirements; advising customer on needed actions,

• Prepares sales engineering reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing sales information and engineering and application trends,

• Contributes to sales engineering effectiveness by identifying short-term and long-range issues that must be addressed; providing information and commentary pertinent to deliberations; recommending options and courses of action; implementing directives,

• Supports marketing activities by attending trade shows, conferences and other marketing events,

• Handles and follow-up of customer claims in order to solve the related problem in a shortest period and keep customers satisfaction at utmost level.



• Graduated from Electrical-Electronics, Communication Engineering Departments of Universities,

• Good basic knowledge of General Physics, Engineering, Electrotechnical, Electronics, Computer, Embedded Software,

•Preferably received ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 Training,

• Proficient in using AutoCAD,

• Having received Technical Drawing Training,

• Having electronic knowledge to analyze quality problems,

• Ability to test electronic devices and have measurement experience,

• Fluent in English,

• Able to use MS Office applications effectively,

• Able to support group work, have the ability to establish good human relations and have managerial goals in the future,

• Having changed a few jobs and able to submit job reference documents, residing in Istanbul, preferably living on the Anatolian side,

• No domestic or international travel restrictions,

• For male candidates, we are looking for teammates who are not related to military service.


• To develop the quality management processes and system,

• Supervising quality control technicians, providing technical support,

• Creating and interpreting quality reports,

• Updating processes, procedures and instructions, creating non-existent ones,

• To carry out the necessary studies to find the root causes of quality problems,

• To lead and prepare FMEA Studies,

• To update the MSA when necessary,

• To participate in R&D studies and to test the quality standards of the developed products,

• To test and support the development of embedded software developed in R&D studies,

• To have and supervise the analysis, development and improvement of production processes,

• To make and have risk analyzes of the Quality Management System,

• To carry out quality, environment, process, product and internal audits and supplier audits,

• Making benchmarks with competitor products,

• Solving after-sales service problems,

• Participating in Industry 4.0 studies, installation and commissioning of robotic machines and digitalization of production processes.



Established in 1968, ERA has been a tradition in innovative, creative electronic product design and a symbol of quality manufacturing since its inception. Moving to its new facilities in 2000, ERA renewed its quality and technology with this modern facility. ERA Automotive Electronics provides service to automotive factories in Turkey and exports its products to various countries in the world, primarily the EU and the Middle East. It also designs and manufactures electronic products for ERA Rail Systems.

ERA is a leading company in Turkey and the EU, and designs and manufactures for global companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Evobus, Volvo, VDL, MAN, Siemens Mobility.

Quality Certificates:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality and Management System Certificate

IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality and Management System Certificate

ISO TS 22163:2017 IRIS Rail Systems Quality and Management System Certificate

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certificate

Note: In our workplace, transportation to certain areas and free lunch are provided. Every precaution has been taken in our company against the Covid-19 outbreak. Other measures such as disinfection of all factories and offices with nano technology, being able to sit according to social distance in personnel services, mask control at the entrance to the company, disinfection of hands and feet, gloves, mask and face shield (protective visor), Covid-19 test for all personnel are applied. We are waiting for the application of candidates who have the above qualifications, who can work in our company for many years, who can work in the Computer (IT) department, who will be able to participate in digitalization and roboticization studies in the future, to be trained to lead sub-projects. Application Form, Mechatronics Engineers Candidate Evaluation Form will be sent to the candidates whose CV is found suitable. After the evaluation of these forms, an online interview will be held with the eligible candidates. After the online interview, a second interview will be made with a maximum of three candidates, who will be evaluated, and the details of the work to be done, the remuneration system will be discussed, and the recruitment process will be started with the candidates who are found suitable.


• Having an associate or undergraduate degree from the relevant departments of universities,

• Compatible in teamwork, extremely successful in human relations and open to feedback,

• At least intermediate level of English,

• To be able to maintain the hardware and software of information processing systems in accordance with the instructions and completely,

• Knowledge of Network Solutions (Switch, VPN, ADSL, Firewall) Hardware and Software,

• Having knowledge of Microsoft Operating Systems, installation and management, and able to provide technical support for computer maintenance, repair and post-installation, in the elimination of daily malfunctions within the scope of the operating system or hardware,

• Having MRP and ERP knowledge,

• Contributing to Digitization studies within the scope of Industry 4.0 studies,

• At least 2 years of IT work experience,

• Analytical thinking and problem solving ability,

• Not related to military service for male candidates,

• Living on the Anatolian Side,

• Having no barriers to domestic and international travel,

• We are looking for a teammate who has a reference letter from their workplace.


• Installing new computers and keeping installation records,

• To keep track of the IT Inventory by keeping the records of hardware and software licenses,

• When necessary, the necessary maintenance, repair, adjustment, etc. can be provided to our computer consultant company. do the work,

• Organizing News e-mails that we send once or twice a month (or e-mail addresses issued) and sending them to our customers with the Groupmail program,

• To make or have the update works of our WEB page done,

• Participating in necessary trainings for information security,

• Supporting the hardware and software maintenance of the company's computer system, servers and computers,

• To provide training to new personnel and existing personnel, when necessary, to use a computer specific to our company and to introduce our system,

• Supervising compliance with the rules and computer system security on the computers used by the personnel,

• To help ensure the uninterrupted operation of the existing hardware and software for the healthy functioning of the system,

• Solving the technical problems experienced by the personnel via telephone, Teams, face-to-face or remote connection,

• To evaluate the computer system devices and programs used by other departments, to provide the necessary support and to supervise the applications,

• To be able to provide technical and necessary support in internal organizations,

• Periodically reporting all these activities to the manager,

• Perform and organize other tasks that support general business requirements or are assigned to her/him by management.



• Graduated from the relevant departments of universities at least at the associate degree, preferably at the undergraduate level,

• Worked at least 3 years in the purchasing departments of companies producing electronic devices,

• Having good knowledge of electronic materials and components and experience in their supply,

• Proficient in using Logo Tiger and MS Office programs,

• High communication skills and prone to teamwork,

• Not related to military service for male candidates,

• We are waiting for the applications of candidates residing in the Anatolian Side of Istanbul.


• Collecting offers by conducting market research of the materials to be procured, converting the approved offers into orders after evaluation,

• To follow the created order until the delivery process,

• Checking the conformity of the waybills and invoices of the purchased materials with the contracts, and then creating system records,

• Ensuring the supply of the needed materials in a way that does not hinder the production flow by following the stock management,

• Visiting and auditing the supplier site,

• To create new supplier alternatives to increase quality and to work on cost reduction at the same time,

• Creating and presenting periodic purchasing reports to the senior management,

• Carrying out studies to meet the demands from other departments within the company and providing feedback.

ERA Elektronik  A.Ş.
  • Dudullu OSB, 4. Cad. 11, Ümraniye, 34776 İstanbul - Türkiye
  • Telephone : +90 216 466 88 07
  • Fax : +90 216 415 35 74
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