Job Vacancies


• Bachelors degree in related engineering faculties,

• At least 2 years of experience as Sales Engineer,

• Fluent English (Preffered languages German, Spanish or French)

• Able to use MS Office applications efficiently,

• Good communication skills,

• Ability to explore new markets,

• Preferred knowledge of Electronic or Automotive Industry,

• Preferred experience project management,

• No restriction to travel,

• Military service should be completed for male candidates,

• Preferable residing near Anatolian side.


• Identifies current and future customer business needs and requirements by establishing personal report with potential and actual customers,

• Conducts regular meetings with R&D and QA team to ensure product updates are communicated internally and samples, demo systems are updated,

• Consults with prospects and customers to determine strategy for developing and deploying a Learning Management System,

• Gains the customer and prospects’ confidence to such a degree that they see you as the solution expert,

• Presents and articulates advanced product features and benefits, as well as product future direction,

• Assists in creating and maintaining sales playbooks and positioning for new and existing products in partnership with Sales and Marketing Leadership,

• Gains customer acceptance by determining improvements through analyzing cost-benefit ratios of solutions in customer environment; engineering or proposing changes in business processes,

• Helps to develop customer's staff by providing technical information and training,

• Complies with federal, state, and local legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation; anticipating future legislation; advising customer on product, service, or equipment adherence to requirements; advising customer on needed actions,

• Prepares sales engineering reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing sales information and engineering and application trends,

• Contributes to sales engineering effectiveness by identifying short-term and long-range issues that must be addressed; providing information and commentary pertinent to deliberations; recommending options and courses of action; implementing directives,

• Supports marketing activities by attending trade shows, conferences and other marketing events,

• Handles and follow-up of customer claims in order to solve the related problem in a shortest period and keep customers satisfaction at utmost level.



• Graduated from Electrical-Electronics, Communication Engineering Departments of Universities,

• Good basic knowledge of General Physics, Engineering, Electrotechnical, Electronics, Computer, Embedded Software,

•Preferably received ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 Training,

• Proficient in using AutoCAD,

• Having received Technical Drawing Training,

• Having electronic knowledge to analyze quality problems,

• Ability to test electronic devices and have measurement experience,

• Fluent in English,

• Able to use MS Office applications effectively,

• Able to support group work, have the ability to establish good human relations and have managerial goals in the future,

• Having changed a few jobs and able to submit job reference documents, residing in Istanbul, preferably living on the Anatolian side,

• No domestic or international travel restrictions,

• For male candidates, we are looking for teammates who are not related to military service.


• To develop the quality management processes and system,

• Supervising quality control technicians, providing technical support,

• Creating and interpreting quality reports,

• Updating processes, procedures and instructions, creating non-existent ones,

• To carry out the necessary studies to find the root causes of quality problems,

• To lead and prepare FMEA Studies,

• To update the MSA when necessary,

• To participate in R&D studies and to test the quality standards of the developed products,

• To test and support the development of embedded software developed in R&D studies,

• To have and supervise the analysis, development and improvement of production processes,

• To make and have risk analyzes of the Quality Management System,

• To carry out quality, environment, process, product and internal audits and supplier audits,

• Making benchmarks with competitor products,

• Solving after-sales service problems,

• Participating in Industry 4.0 studies, installation and commissioning of robotic machines and digitalization of production processes.



• Have an associate or bachelor’s degree in computer science,

• Knowledgeable about Microsoft operating systems, Linux, virtualization, backup programs,

• Fluent in English,

Compatible with teamwork, successful in human relations,

• For male candidates who are not related to military service,

• We are looking for a teammate residing in Istanbul and preferably on the Anatolian side.


• Supporting end users within the scope of Information Technologies responsibility,

• Maintaining the hardware and software of the company's computer systems,

• Follow-up and recording of embezzlement information,

• Making new computer installations in accordance with processes and definitions and keeping installation records,

• If necessary, have our computer consultancy company do the necessary maintenance, repair, installation, and similar works,

• Training new personnel on the use of computers belonging to our company, introducing our system, monitoring whether computer usage complies with the rules and system security,

• Editing (or coordinating) News e-mails to be sent once or twice a month and sending these e-mails to our customers through group e-mail programs,

• Making or getting our web page updated, cataloguing our new products, and updating/renewing existing catalogues,

• Coordinating our company's Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media pages,

• Developing related systems and methods by receiving all kinds of trainings required for information security,

• Supporting the uninterrupted operation of existing hardware and software for the healthy operation of the system,

• Participating in IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) studies and supporting digitalization studies within the scope of Industry 4.0,

• Periodic reporting of all these activities to the senior management.



• Graduated from the relevant departments of universities at least at the associate degree, preferably at the undergraduate level,

• Worked at least 3 years in the purchasing departments of companies producing electronic devices,

• Having good knowledge of electronic materials and components and experience in their supply,

• Proficient in using Logo Tiger and MS Office programs,

• High communication skills and prone to teamwork,

• Not related to military service for male candidates,

• We are waiting for the applications of candidates residing in the Anatolian Side of Istanbul.


• Collecting offers by conducting market research of the materials to be procured, converting the approved offers into orders after evaluation,

• To follow the created order until the delivery process,

• Checking the conformity of the waybills and invoices of the purchased materials with the contracts, and then creating system records,

• Ensuring the supply of the needed materials in a way that does not hinder the production flow by following the stock management,

• Visiting and auditing the supplier site,

• To create new supplier alternatives to increase quality and to work on cost reduction at the same time,

• Creating and presenting periodic purchasing reports to the senior management,

• Carrying out studies to meet the demands from other departments within the company and providing feedback.

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