Terms on the use of ERA Elektronik Web sites:

ERA Elektronik has drawn up this web site; www.era-electronic.com in order to serve its customers better and to deliver more versatile information on internationalization. Registration for the Virtual Demo Room and catalogues and the use of advisory services is free of charge.

The use of internet pages of ERA Elektronik and the registration for the Virtual Demo Room and catalogues requires that the user accept the following terms. By simply opening or viewing the pages you undertake to comply with these terms. Otherwise, the use of the pages is not permitted unless the user and viewer accept these terms. ERA Elektronik has the right to apply amendment on these terms at any time.

Special terms of use, may relate to individual documents and / or services of the e-services contained in the ERA Elektronik web pages www.era-electronic.com in which case the documents / services shall be governed also by the relevant special terms.

The use of the ERA Elektronik internet pages:

The ERA Elektronik internet pages and Virtual Demo Room may be browsed by means of a computer or corresponding equipment and parts of them may be printed as well as used for a private or non-commercial purpose.

Title to the contents and figures in the pages shall belong to ERA Elektronik or its co-operation partners and be protected by copyright legislation unless otherwise indicated.

The use and copying of the pages for other than one's own use, their transfer, distribution, storage or other utilization is forbidden without a prior written permission of ERA Elektronik.

Bulletins published by ERA Elektronik and other documents intended to become part of the public domain may be used for public communications provided that the source is mentioned.

Non-permitted use or distribution of the material in these pages may infringe a copyright, a right based on a trademark or other protected rights and result in a punishment and in liability in damages.

Functioning and contents of the ERA Elektronik Internet pages:

ERA Elektronik provides its customers with these Internet pages as they are and it reserves the right at any time to amend them and to restrict access to them. ERA Elektronik does not guarantee the faultless and uninterrupted use of the pages nor is it responsible for any indirect or direct damages as a result of their use.

ERA Elektronik makes no warranties regarding the suitability of the material for any specific purpose, nor shall it be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of the pages.

Links in the ERA Elektronik Internet pages:

ERA Elektronik internet pages have links to pages or services of third parties and ERA Elektronik shall not be hold responsible for any material or contents contained in the pages of third parties. All users and viewers use the pages of third parties are entirely at their own risk.

Material sent to the ERA Elektronik Internet pages:

By sending any material that has not been ordered to ERA Elektronik e.g. through e-mail or the Internet pages (such as Feedback, Job Applications and CV's) the user and viewer simultaneously grants ERA Elektronik and those using the pages a free-of-charge right to use and convey the material sent unless otherwise agreed upon. This means that all material conveyed, notified or sent by a user and viewer or another third party to these pages is part of the public domain and freely available to anyone. This material may be used, copied, distributed, amended, developed and otherwise utilized.

ERA Elektronik does not check the contents of material conveyed or its correctness nor assume any liability for its contents. By sending material to our Internet pages, the sender represents and confirms that he or she has title to the material or that he or she has the right to send it and that the material is not illegal or otherwise unsuitable to be published. ERA Elektronik also requires that the sender has taken measures to find and eliminate any viruses from the material. ERA Elektronik has the right at any time to remove from the pages any material sent to it.


ERA Elektronik complies with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and protects the privacy of persons visiting its Internet pages. Personal data is not conveyed to a third party unless this is necessary to answer questions asked by a user of the pages, to satisfy a request or to perform a service or because of other corresponding interactive communications.

ERA Elektronik may use the personal data received by it for internal research. ERA Elektronik may also convey compiled statistics and general information on the customers of ERA Elektronik, its sales, variation in visitors and other information relating to the pages to third parties of a good reputation, but these statistics and this information will not contain data, making it possible to identify an individual.

At times ERA Elektronik may transfer to the user's computer information that will allow the user to be identified. This identification information is referred to as cookies. ERA Elektronik can use the cookies to improve its Internet pages. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can prevent their transfer to your computer by means of a setting in your browser. For more information, please consult your web browser's help menu.

Terms regarding the use of the logos and trademarks of ERA Elektronik and its co-operation partners: Title to the names, figures, logos, trademarks, products and photos appearing in the pages belongs to ERA Elektronik or its co-operation partners. Their copying, transfer, distribution, storage or other utilization is forbidden without a prior written permission of ERA Elektronik.

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