Human Resource Policy

Human Resource Policy

Our  HR Vision 

Open to development, motivation and performance of high-skilled workers, with a difference.


Our HR Policy 

Motivation and happiness is always in the foreground,

To give importance to training support for the development and regeneration,

The resulting accomplishments have accorded to encourage more new achievements,

Prepare the necessary environment and on behalf of the health and safety conditions,

Respecting the rights of employees to evaluate any criticism and feedback,

Business ethics and goodwill in the industry for his work to be heard, honest,

Enjoy working in a healthy, clean and quality facility.

This approach, holding the highest levels of customer satisfaction, together with all international quality standards for our suppliers and our customers with respect and a firm table are displaying pioneering.


Human Resource Practices

Lean organizational structure with the main goals of our employees reach their full potential, thereby contributing to the effective use and enables developers to assess the value of the Group's positions.


• Carrying out the human resources processes through our Professional systems.


• Individual performances, personal skills and attributes required by Work, by addressing the objective and fair evaluation.


• Employees working objectives of the unit and keep them informed about their expectations of the group, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.


• Our employees themselves in the best way for them to do their jobs better and to develop the necessary training and development opportunities we offer training opportunities to follow, accompanied by an expert staff.

• Remaining loyal to the principles of ERA Elektronik A.Ş. values and meets the expectations of business and all of our employees, the company, in accordance with the objective and fair manner the value that creats salary expectations.


How can I be Era employee?

Behalf ERA Elektronik ; our values and you meet the competencies required by exactly, we choose our employees make a difference using contemporary techniques with performances:

• In accordance with the candidates competency-based interviews, References, applicants are evaluated in compliance with the competencies of the position of the Group and the demand in the Era.Profile analysis is applied, is queried candidates ' professional and technical information.

• Competency-based interviews successful candidates, have applied for a position with the Admins.

• At the same time, the candidates are examined in English with the foreign language examination levels.

• As a result of all the assessments made in the appropriate candidates, job offer.

How I Can Make The Difference? 

Era Personel performance in a way that will reveal a lens to assess and realize their potential development environment we use in order to deliver effective applications.


Performance Appraisal Interviews: 

Meetings at least once a year, our employees focus on their goals both business, and personal competence.Gives information about the current performances of our employees and provide opportunities for new development.

These systems can offer an environment in which our employees through performances and creations difference .


Wage Management and Benefits

Business Valuation System: In  ERA Elektronik A.Ş. business objectives of the company and organizational structure as a job evaluation System for identifying integrated with.Recruitment, career management, pricing, and forming the basis for the possibilities in this system, the business group and level information, determining, based on his work, not the person.

Trasportation: Era staff trasportation access is provided through services from the region where they are located.

Dining:Lunch provide from Era in Cafereria area.


How can I apply for a job ? 

ERA Elektronik A.Ş. is constantly evolving, renewing itself in the structure; business competencies to meet exactly and will make the difference with the performance of the candidates; You can apply for a job through our website.

 Job opportunities section of our website, you can apply by selecting ' Open Positions. At the same time, if you are a member of, you can apply through the links Kariyer.Net job reference.


Internship Applications 

Open positions are posted, you can refer to the Declaration of the ' Intern ' ' section. The last class of University students, a mandatory internship during the summer (June-September), 1 month full-day internship opportunity is given.

Applications are evaluated by the human resources Departments will be displayed and only the Era.


Frequently Asked Questions 

The recruitment process, as priority in which department graduates do you prefer?

ERA Elektronik Human Resource Department ; the recruitment process connected with the open position, graduated from the universities through the evaluation of the candidates.Our determination to work with high communication skills improved, team work, open to development and social responsibility advanced candidates.